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About Us

Founded in 1994, DPS MEDICAL is a leading supplier of medical aesthetic products and we endeavor to become the leader for the global aesthetic medicine market. The Company develops, manufactures and markets innovative silicone breast implants, facial implants and tissue expanders for aesthetics markets around the world with its prestigious brand REFINEX.

As the premier Chinese manufacturer of silicone gel filled breast implants, the laboratory has a history of manufacturing breast implant devices for more than 17 years. Refinex breast implants are for use in both breast augmentation and breast reconstruction and are manufacturer under the highest quality standards. We have achieved and obtained a respected and high reputation, and now we are on a journey to expand our selves worldwide.

The state-of-the-art production facility has the most modern super clean room, and ERP computerized tracking & control system. 
Its quality management systtem is certified by TUV Reinland, ISO13485:2003. It is the only one in China with TUV approval.

We use the most advanced, proven and tested materials. The edge-cutting cohesive silicone gel is clinically proven and tested as the fifth generation of breast implants.

Refinex implants are all most advanced cohesive gel which has a memory function, maintaining their shape and decreasing rippling thus ensures a greater safety.


Provide science to the art of living healthy and confident about yourself. Enhance self esteem and provide satisfaction offering innovative science medical solutions for a better quality of life.


Our long term goal vision is to become leaders in the manufacturing of medical devices under the hishest quality standards and under our based principles of ethics, service,  and support.