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Info for Physicians

Your recognition and high standards are on a constant dependence of your surgeries.

Every surgery that you perform reflects your high standards and your constant professionalism.

This means that all the patients that come to you, acknowledge your recognized skill as a plastic surgeon and rely on you 100% to provide them a responsible advice. The patients will trust their bodies, expecting an excellent job from a distinguished professional that its main priority is to have their patients safe and satisfied with their aesthetic result.

Within this process, one of the choices each surgeon will make is the implants you select for the surgery. Refinex silicone breast implants, has been in market since 1996, and has evolved to grow worldwide, providing top quality and innovative aesthetic products. Choosing Refinex silicone breasts implants will comply at all times with your high criteria at the moment of choosing the best for your patients.

Refinex is a reliable product that will stand and support you on a lifetime journey for all your patients from the moment you do the surgery.


New generation of Refinex, Refine the next

Research and clinical trials are done constantly and periodically in China,  Latin America and other Asian countries, in order to accumulate a series of significant data that can support our safety analysis and also help us to develop faster our  research on innovative technologies, to make our products more safe and involve no risk whatsoever in patients overall safety.

Refinex manufactory laboratory is one of its kind, it is located in Shanghai, the heart of the industry of China, second worlds biggest economy and fastest growing country WORLDWIDE. Our 5,000 square meter plant implements the highest edge cutting technologies which allow us to be GMP patented and strictly in accordance with the international quality control system of ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified by TUV Reinland.

We are always, on a constant improvement to implement the newest and safest technologies in the manufacturing process in order to provide the safest product out in the market.  We complement our high standard manufacturing plant, with TOP GRADED raw materials.



Over 15 year experience in silicone breast implant manufacturing
Strictly in accordance with the International Quality control system Standards worldwide.
Constant improvement to employ the most rigorous safety controls.
Refinex Lifetime Warranty, a warranty the does not ends with your surgery.