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The DPS REFINEX Laboratory was founded in 1994 and is the most important silicone implant manufacturer in China . We produce

1) Silicone gel breast implants

2) Facial implants

3) Tissue expanders

All the cohesive silicone gel materials are imported from USA with American FDA approval. We are using the most advanced cohesive silicone gel which is also used by other leading laboratories. All the implants are Iow-bleed shelled which minimizes the silicone gel diffusion. The world's most advanced barrier- coat technology is applied.


4) Surface
We provide 3 types of surface: Smooth, textured and micro-textured which may lower the risk of the capsular contracture.

5) Fillings
3 types of fillings of cohesive gel are available: 99%,95% and 85%. They can meet different needs of different surgeons and patients.
We provide a wide range of choices -- 222 round breast implants with a wide variety of sizes and fillings.
All the products are made in GMP factories strictly in accordance with the international quality control system of ISO9001 and ISO13485.
Refinex offers the surgeons and patients more affordable prices for highest quality products.

Its quality management systtem is certified by TUV Reinland, ISO13485:2003. It is the only one in China with TUV approval

Features of Refinex Implants:
The world's most advanced cohesive silicone gel is used. All materials are approved by American FDA.
The special barrier-coat technology prevents the gel leaking.
The special textured surface optimizes tissue adherence and minimizes the occurrence of capsular contracture.

The cohesive silicone gel has intelligent memory function and will come back to its original forms even after heavy pressure. The softness is very close to breast tissues.